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This is Politco Analytica engineered by Luke Nash-Jones. Experience Political Data Analysis and Software Engineering. Where Maths Meets Politics, with mathematics by Luke Nash-Jones.

Data Analysis and Software Engineering by Luke Nash-Jones

Expense* Score: £176,333

Value for Money: Sh*t: 150k+

* Data for MP Expenses is from Parliamentary data for 2017-2018, presented in descending order, so that the MP with the highest expenditure value is ranked highest. (We will tell you about 2018-2019 when Parliament releases the data.)

Office Costs

Spend: £14,976

Reason: Standard non-London area budget

Budget Max: £24,150

Budget Remainder: £9,174

Subtotal: £166,528

Staff Costs

Spend: £151,552

Reason: Standard non-London area budget, plus an uplift of 651.58 granted after an application to IPSA

Budget Max: £151,000

Budget Remainder: £0


Staff Absence

Budget Max: £

Wind-up Costs

Spend: £0


Budget Max: £0

Budget Remainder: £0


Spend: £2,804

Reason: Standard budget for renting a property in the London area for two months, Standard budget for an MP who owns their property and is claiming the associated costs only (such as utilities) for ten months (one month before the General Election and nine months after)

Budget Max: £8,000

Budget Remainder: £5,477


Travel & Substinence

Spend: £7,002

Budget Max: £

Other Costs

Spend: £0

Budget Max: Uncapped

Subtotal: £9,805


Requested: £1

Request Type: 1. Claim for a parliamentary cost not covered by the Scheme 2. Uplift to Staffing budget

Grant: £1

Welcome to Politco Analytica built by Luke Nash-Jones: Where Maths Meets Politics. This is Political Data Analysis and Software Engineering by Luke Nash-Jones.