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Charlie Elphicke MP



60 out of 650 MPs

(The larger the number, worse the MP statistically.)

Overall* Score: 7.67

Cool +

Does this MP really back Brexit?

Pro-Brexit bills and amendements backed: 66.7%
Respect of Democracy: 5.33

Integrity Level: Cool

A high percentage means the MP acts in favour of Brexit. Basis: 1 point if the MP's vote is in the spirit of "hard" Brexit, and negative 1 if otherwise. Converted to percentage.

More information: How Charlie Elphicke MP voted on each of 48 Brexit bills that went before Parliament.

Whether MP's Brexit voting record matches Constituency:
The EU referendum result on a national level is binding over any constituency vote. Therefore, a MP is penalised if he votes for Remain, but the penalty is halfed if he acted in the spirit of his constituents. A MP receives a positive score if he votes for Leave, but that is halfed if he is out of step with the local electorate.

Dover voted to Leave

Charlie Elphicke MP voted to Leave
MP vote represents constituency
Constituency Representation: 5.33

Does this MP burn money?

Expenses Claimed: £204,976
Dark Side: 225k+

Expenses Rating: -4

* Data for MP Expenses is from Parliamentary data, presented in ascending order, so that the MP with the lowest expenditure value is ranked highest.

More information: How much money Charlie Elphicke MP spent during 2017-2018. (We will tell you about 2018-2019 when Parliament releases the data.)

How sexy is this MP?

Sexy Rating: 90.16
Converted: 1

Beauty Award? Not bad

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