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Ruth Smeeth MP

Stoke-on-Trent North


366 out of 650 MPs

(The larger the number, worse the MP statistically.)

Overall* Score: -5.67


Does this MP really back Brexit?

Pro-Brexit bills and amendements backed: -16.7%
Respect of Democracy: -1.33

Integrity Level: Slippery

A high percentage means the MP acts in favour of Brexit. Basis: 1 point if the MP's vote is in the spirit of "hard" Brexit, and negative 1 if otherwise. Converted to percentage.

More information: How Ruth Smeeth MP voted on each of 48 Brexit bills that went before Parliament.

Whether MP's Brexit voting record matches Constituency:
The EU referendum result on a national level is binding over any constituency vote. Therefore, a MP is penalised if he votes for Remain, but the penalty is halfed if he acted in the spirit of his constituents. A MP receives a positive score if he votes for Leave, but that is halfed if he is out of step with the local electorate.

Stoke-on-Trent North voted to Leave

Ruth Smeeth MP voted to Remain
MP vote doesn't represent constituency
Constituency Representation: -1.33

Does this MP burn money?

Expenses Claimed: £206,801
Dark Side: 225k+

Expenses Rating: -4

* Data for MP Expenses is from Parliamentary data, presented in ascending order, so that the MP with the lowest expenditure value is ranked highest.

More information: How much money Ruth Smeeth MP spent during 2017-2018. (We will tell you about 2018-2019 when Parliament releases the data.)

How sexy is this MP?

Sexy Rating: 163.4
Converted: 1

Beauty Award? Not bad

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